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Our client satisfaction is our pleasure; hence we dedicate our full attention to tasks at hand. We serve; real estate, oil and gas, aviation, banking, telecommunications, government, construction and convention centres etc
Operating in diverse markets, MMS expertise for our customers set in the following areas.

•Haulage Services: Movement of both heavy and light duty goods e g to any locations within Nigeria. We move FMCG Products, ATM machines, Generators, batteries and inverters, Server racks, ATM portacabin, household furniture, Deadman doors, bank vault etc  
•Civil and Engineering Support: Construction of ATM houses, construction of moveable ATM kiosks or portacabins, security houses, car port, ATM Positioning, Cladding of ATM house and kiosks etc  
•Electrical Support: Solar and Inverter installations, wiring of ATM houses, kiosks and Portacabin.  
•Cleaning services: Office and janitorial services, pre and post construction clean up, waste handling and disposal services, fumigation and pest control services etc.  
•Marine support services: We provide marine security and VIP escort through collaboration with the various Government agencies, Barge and tug leasing in Lagos, Warri and port Harcourt , Ship chandelling services to vessels at anchorage and ports. Oil Tank cleaning services, Marine transportation. etc  

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